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The Technology

One of the greatest achievement in the 21th century's IT technology is the advancement of the inkjet printing technology. Isn't it amazing that by dropping tiny droplets of ink over paper an inkjet printer can produce text documents, color graphic arts and color photos with great precision, speed and most importantly quality?

Thermal Bubble-Jet vs. Piezo-Jet
Heater or Piezo

The picture to the right illustrates the basic nozzle of a print head of an inject printer. The nozzle has an opening to the right and at the bottom. The ink (blue color) enters the nozzles from the right (actually from an ink cartridge above the print head) and forms a bubble (the white ball inside) in the nozzle. The (red) element at the top of the nozzle is the control device. This control device is either an electric heater or a piezo crystal. If ther control device is a heater this print head is called a Thermo Bubble-Jet print head. If it is a piezo crystal the print head is called a Piezo-Jet print head.

When the control signal is applied to the control device in the case of Thermo Bubble-Jet print head it heats up the ink bubble inside the nozzle causing the volume of the bubble to expand rapidly in an explosive manner. This explosive action results in a droplet of ink to be printed on the medium beneath it. In the case of a Piezo-Jet print head the piezo crystal bends itself into the nozzle causing the ink bubble to be compressed which results in a droplet of ink to be printed on the medium. Keep in mind the difference here. One technology heats the ink and the other only compresses it. This foundmental difference makes the formulation of the ink to be based on entirely different principles.

Epson Brand Inkjet Printers - Piezo-Jet Print Heads

Canon, HP and all others - Thermo Bubble-Jet Print Heads

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